Ulfa Aid is a registered charity, founded in 2004, by Sheikh Babikir Ahmed Babikir.

After seeing the destructive tsunami that took place in Indonesia, the charity was set-up to build homes for homeless. The charity thereafter continued to work in disaster zones in Bangladesh, Kashmir, Pakistan, Darfur and Somalia.

Ulfa Aid committed to building and supporting communities both locally in the United Kingdom and across the globe.

Our UK focus is on serving the needs of those who are vulnerable, marginalised and isolated. Our approach is to research, develop and implement lasting solutions to issues on a micro-level that are sustainable to the local community. Finally, we advocate for change on behalf of the most disenfranchised sections of our society.

We are keen to work in close partnership with other charities and organisations that share our aims and perspective and who are seeking tangible solutions to the issues we care about.

Sheikh Babikir

Chairman of Ulfa Aid

Arriving in Britain in 1977 Sheikh Babikir has been working hard to promote Islam’s spiritual message amongst the native British since his arrival. Originally from Sudan, he organised and started his first programme at London Central Mosque at Regents Park, which is currently known as Saturday Circle. Then went on to participate in the development of the North London Community Centre where he met His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales for the first time as he had helped in raising the fund from his late Royal Highness King Fahd Bin Abdul-aziz. Sheikh Babikir still continues to work with His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales.

Sheikh Babikir participates in promoting Britain and British Islam through the Commonwealth and Foreign Office. The Sheikh currently works at Islamia Schools Centre which was founded by Yusuf Islam in 1983 as the first Muslim school in the world. His job is to promote Muslim Schools at home and abroad through workshops and conferences.

Rumi’s Cave


Rumi’s Cave is a alternative community hub, arts and events venue in London. Presenting a diverse range of cultural and social programmes to connect hearts, minds and communities. It is a non-defined social space open to all to reflect and share, inspired by the legacy of Jalauddin Rumi.

The Cave offers an eclectic mix of programs and events, ranging from poetry, storytelling and music nights, to afternoon tea, and a variety of talks, courses and creative workshops.

Rooted in a vibrant and dynamic community, the Cave has managed to bring together a diverse group of local and international guests, who share a passion for culture, creativity and learning. It also serves as a safe, non judgemental space, where people from different backgrounds can come together and explore their cultures and identity. Rumi’s Cave is a space opened for all to provide much needed help and support to the very vulnerable members of our community.

Colombian Appeal

Colombian Appeal

The remote town of Mocoa was hit by the strongest of water born mud avalanches which claimed the lives of many innocent people. More than 300 families have been affected and many people are still missing and unaccounted for in the remaining aftermath of a powerful mudslide which hit in the early hours of the morning. The Colombian government have subsidised funds to cover expenses and help rebuild the many homes that have been left in the rubble. While numerous people have come together to help, much work is still needed to repair the extensive damage that has befallen this small community. We have already carried out a successfully charity walk from Elephant and Castle to Seven Sisters and helped raise £800 in one journey and £1,500 from Jummah collection at Mosque & Islamic Centre of Brent.  Our aim is to go beyond £5,000 and make a significant contribution to these many affected lives. Donate here:


The 12 Greatest Imams of all Time course.

The 12 Greatest Imams of all Time course.


This course has now finished. But don’t worry! You can still have access the course by going to following the steps below in order to purchase the audio lessons:


  1. Sponsor an orphan on this page
  2. Fill in this Rumi’s form
  3. We will email you a link to the audio


It’s that simple!


The poster below details the names of the Imams that are covered in this course, so you will be receiving the audio of 12 lessons altogether.


These are the 12 Imams that are discussed over this series:

Uwais ibn Unais al-Qarani

Ali ibn Husayn Zayn al-Abidin

Al Hasan al-Basri  

Ibrahim ibn Adham Zinnoon al Misri

Imam Junayd of Baghdad

Imam al-Ghazali

Abdul-Qadir al-Jilani  

Ahmed ar-Rifa’i Sihriwirdi

Ahmad el Baqadi

Abu Hasan al Shadhili

Sheikh Babikir wants to give everyone the opportunity to gain knowledge and gain the barakah of sponsoring an orphan, thus sponsoring an orphan is the key to the course.


Penny Appeal offers you the choice of sponsoring either one, two or three orphans.

All proceeds go to sponsoring an orphan with charity Penny Appeal.